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Keeping track of where the bears and kitties are... How important it this to you? We're creating a simple survey to see what we can do to help provide the best information to people who read this Facebook page. Would it be a good idea to offer a 'freebie' or another gift if a survey is completed?
At NTM we strongly believe that truck drivers are the backbone of our country. We thank you for all that you do. From our families to yours, happy Thanksgiving!!
Trillium CNG and E-Z Mart Stores opened a public access, Class-8 accessible compressed natural gas fueling station at the E-Z Mart Convenience Store and Truck Stop in Monroe, La.
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Grab the lastest issue of diesel magazine there is a article on ScuzzTrans
Traffic alert for New York Pulaski Skwy - Closed between I-95/US-1-9 Express Ln/Nj Tpke and US-1 And 9/US-1 And 9-truck - Closed due to roadwork. - long term bridge reconstruction FDR Dr - At 20th St/23rd St/Exit 7 - Flooding. One lane blocked. Brooklyn Queens Expy - At 49th St - Construction work. left lane blocked until 1130a
The American Trucking Associations gave out a series of tips on safe driving during the busy Thanksgiving Holiday, which will see an estimated 46.3 million drivers on the road.
Good Morning Truckers!
Truck Wars WATCH More videos: LIKE Trucks and Trailers
Trucks and Trailers search admins , Send a PM if you meet the following requirements: - you're loving trucks - you're a trucker communicative, speak English! - was administrator of a Facebook page and know how to schedule posts - you posses a minimum 1 hour daily to schedule some pictures / videos This announcement addresses to truck lovers and were admins other pages - NOT for beginn
Traffic alert for Seattle Emerson St - At 15th Ave W/Ballard Brg - Exit ramp cl...Traffic alert for Seattle Emerson St - At 15th Ave W/Ballard Brg - Exit ramp cl... |...superrig.comTraffic alert for Seattle Emerson St - At 15th Ave W/Ballard Brg - Exit ramp closed. construction work Beacon Ave S - Closed between S Holgate St and 14th Ave S - Closed due to roadwork. construction work Broad St -
Traffic alert for Charlotte Davidson St - Closed between Belmont Ave and 15th St - Closed due to roadwork. due to parkwood phase 1 strom drainage improvements project. Double Oaks Rd - Closed between Horne Dr and Samuel St - Closed due to roadwork. Eastway Dr - Closed between Curtiswood Dr and Howie Cir - Closed due to roadwork.
The offices of and Heavy Duty Trucking magazine are closed for the Thanksgiving holiday.
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Traffic alert for Atlanta Martin Luther King Jr Dr NW - Closed at US-19/US-29/US-41/GA-3/Northside Dr - Closed. permanently Martin Luther King Jr Dr NW - Closed at Centennial Olympic Park Dr NW - Closed. permanently
An increase in average odometer mileage has pushed used classes 6-7 truck prices lower this year compared to last year to date as prices and volume have fallen from 2013 levels that marked a post-recession high-water mark.
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Traffic alert for Seattle Emerson St - At 15th Ave W/Ballard Brg - Exit ramp closed. construction work Beacon Ave S - Closed between S Holgate St and 14th Ave S - Closed due to roadwork. construction work Broad St - Closed between 9th Ave N and 5th Ave N - Closed due to roadwork. Associated with the Mercer Corridor Project and WSDOT’s Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement - permanently closed
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is looking for comments on a plan to raise insurance minimums for carriers and establish insurance requirements for brokers and freight forwarders.
Happy Thanksgiving to all of Team Vero as well as all the hard working individuals in the trucking industry. To our team members at home, please enjoy this day with your family. After all it's moments like this that we all get up and go to work for. To our team members working through the holiday and out on the road, we greatly appreciate your work and as we do every year, please stop somewh
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Brave Pig Escapes Speeding TruckBrave Pig Escapes Speeding TruckThis pig knew it had one last chance for freedom....
One of the shots from our 2015 Calendar. These calendars will be on sale soon for $20.00, with the profits going to The Children of Cynthia Phillips Fund . We ask you all to do what you can to support these children.Timeline PhotosAnother shot from the FCT shoot. w/ @[100002474638861:2048:James Davis] & @[100005057041980:2048:Walt Kurz]
Traffic alerts for Los Angeles US-101 - At Cahuenga Blvd/Exit 9a - Construction work. #2 lane blocked Pasadena Fwy - Ramp closed to US-101/Hollywood Fwy - Closed. for bridge construction Santa Ana Fwy - Ramp to CA-110/Pasadena Fwy - Construction work. #1 lane blocked
The vehicles should finish the year as the only category that will increase in residual value, while the broader market should depreciate more than 12 percent.
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We are thankful for all of you! Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving.
Crazy truck driver in Russia WATCH VIDEOCrazy truck driver in Russiacrazy driver in mother Russia , amazing video...
Happy Thanksgiving! Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone!Timeline PhotosHappy Thanksgiving! To all Truck Drivers, your Family & Friends How you're going to spend Thanksgiving & where? Like, comment & share here_
Please share your support for these children...Children of Cynthia Phillips FundA mission to ensure that Cheyanne and Lilly experience a brighter future...

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